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CSM 7.5-20 hp

  • A complete solution
    Save space and money with tank-mounted installations including dryer and filters. 
    The complete solution not only saves costs on installation, but also reduces the risk of air leakages in your workshop.

  • Small footprint, low noise
    This range is ideal to be installed close to your place of use or as an extension of your existing air system, as it needs only 1m² to provide compressed air and features compact installation and low noise level.

  • Easy Maintenance and accessibility
    All the main components are strategically located inside the equipment in a smart way, allowing easy access for maintenance. This easy access, combined with long maintenance intervals ensure low operation cost for you.

  • High Performance
    The new CSM is equipped with the newest generation of screw compressor elements - more modern and far more efficient. Being more efficient the compressor element not only generates more air but also consumes far less power - saving money on Energy.

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