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CSB 20-40 HP

  • Designed for small spaces and proximity to the workplace
    With a compact design and small footprint, the compressors can even be placed near offices as their soundproofed canopy ensures low noise level.

  • Easy to install and maintain
    The good positioning of service items, belts, oil and filters allows quickly replacements. The oil level check is possible through the sight glass.
  • A complete solution
    Save space and money with tank-mounted installations including dryer and filters. 
  • Advanced control and monitoring
    All running and control functions are managed by the ES3000 electronic controller resulting in high energy savings and efficient system monitoring.


Installed motor Power : 11-30 kW / 15-40 HP 
Working pressure : 8-10-13 Bar 
Capacity FAD : 1190 - 3970 l/min 
Noise level : 61-69 dB(A) 

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